13 February, 2012

All that glitters

All that glitters is not gold. Being lazy is far from being idiot. People always mark a boy whom appear a bit nerd or just plain simple as Nobita of sort..useless unless Doraemon by his side. Seldom people try to take moments to think that people like Nobita in real world is what we're aiming to be. Which one are you? A genius but lazy Nobita or a useful but stupid at almost all the time Doraemon? Lets put ourselves in Nobita' s shoes..to be lazy, we would always come up with such creative ideas utilizing whatever technologies we had and often made people around us wonder. But in real, we're just too lazy. We put our mind to it to make our life easier. Take smartphone for example, if Doraemon would pull out android device from his pocket and gave it to Nobita, we would amazed with what ever Nobita had thought beforehand. Of course the love of his life Sizuka would take part in his thought. I would do the same. I am lazy..lazy enough to put my android to everything I own if I could. I would replace all my meter display on my blue Honda Wave 110 with capacitive touchscreen of corning gorilla glass active-matrix organic light emitting diode. Not to forget wet detection similar in Motorola Defy+ just for extra touch and convenient riding during rainy days. I hate keys..and because of that, I ll make use if my android base motorcycle and tweak some software in my motorcycle to sense my Phone if nearby and automatically starts the engine. Built in USB port at my motorcycle is a must for sync ability between my android phone and my android motorbike. Also to keep my phone connected and charged. My phone is acting like my universal identification card..my key to access my surrounding..for one purpose..to ease my day. I would refine my motorcycle further with apps such as navigation, google goggles and many more. I would need at least two cameras pre installed at front (rear) and two behind to monitor my back to meet that purpose. Bluetooth is such a powerful tool. Built in HD stereo speaker in helmet with bluetooth connectivity thru and thru for voice navigation. Iris, a Siri like apps would be nice to assist you in every angle whether to give advice or to accompany you during your journey or even update news and roads, weather conditions, alert you with your environment and so on.

21 January, 2012

Magic Events Part 1

Magic the Gathering Pre-release for M10 set during 2010 if i'm not mistaken is one of the enjoyable match i once had. It was the last session I went where all the players already registered about almost an hour after I reach there. So i just decided to watch or perhaps take a glance at others collections of trading card during the match. I came with my friends though. I never had thought that I would have played that evening but a friend of mine insist to join. Let him be. Then again, Mike, the PIC of the tournament, after painfully defeated by an attact of sympathetic facial from my friend, Muhsin, Mike said that he could help giving another extra place for extra player if he manage to get another person to join to complete the pairing. That was when both of them gave a shining glare at me. "Oh well okay, i'm in." Mike asked me for my DCI card, a membership card which i had already lost ages ago and not just that, I even forgot my own DCI number. Muhsin proudly said his number without looking to his own DCI card to Mike who was looking at the monitor keyed-in the given number. His eyes glance at me as if he would said his memory was not as weak as mine. I barely replied with a smile. End of part 1.

17 January, 2012

Technology, being materialistic and being stupid

Probably such slogan as "the world slimmest phone" is what we already familiar with and each and every years huge company and phone maker competing to make their product as thin as they could. This is where they compete. Apple Inc. also at their edge pushing their product to the limits till it's millimeters thinner than their current competitors Korean Samsung. HTC from Taiwan is just a few step behind and only in time that they would suddenly at par or even lead other. We ll never be so surprise if that actually happen this year itself. That's their part of story. But we as the loyal consumer would also doing our best competing with other consumer..buying what is hot and which release to be considered as the latest of all with high end technology built in. Yes. We would also race to be at the front line by getting our hands on the thinnest smartphone in the whole world. At the same time, we spent even more on accessories such as smartphone casing. What for? Well its for protection of course. What else? With that thick casing, our 2700 ringgit worth of Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be protected from scratch. So adding up a few hundreds more to buy a silicone casing might be a good investment without even realized that we already make our effort seems meaningless. "trying to have the so called thinnest smartphone in the entire planet" if you could get the picture here. It sounds rather odds and yet a too materialistic person would eventually put oneself so close to stupidity. One group would choose to invent such technology so that we can reach a very high level of comfort for another group of consumer whom would then bring themselves out of that comfort zone by doing the reverse, casing up their smartphone..to make their beloved thinnest galaxy tab 7 plus thick and to make that light as feather technology as heavy as hell with aluminium or leather jacket worth 299 ringgit. What a genius. Not to mention the screen proctor attach nicely onto Corning Gorilla Glass, an anti-scratch glass which will make us wonder which layer protecting which..urghh. Another useless 25 ringgit of spending. What in a world happens to to our common sense? The weak protecting the strong?

15 January, 2012

2012 Now and then

Before digital cameras were ubiquitous and built into phones, it was rude to pull out a camera and take a picture, especially if it was going to light the place up with a flash.

16 December, 2011

End of the year 2011

It's been quite a long time since my last post. Lately, been way too busy with laboratory works from Monday to Saturday, day and night and even during weekends. I find myself hard to spent few minutes of the time surfing the internet nowadays. I've tried though.

I always consider myself as researcher and Magic Players. Both are my passions and both are part of my life. Science, Technology and Art. All are now merge and near future without all of these, I barely imagine that. We are talking about a time where everyone bringing smartphone at least one together with them and still gazing at them during peeing or googling about anything. I am one of them. Not that handling smartphone during peeing part but one of a people who can't have the World Wide Web far from my pocket. Put aside facebook, emailing is a must for people like me and I already getting used to it since the third years of hotmail existence itself. And because of that, I always wonder that these day might come...and it came during my time...Portable touch screen mobile phone with brains. Dual core at least. Huh! Been waiting for that ages ago.

26 January, 2011

Key Feasibility Dimensions

26 January 2011, It was the first day of the Entrepreneurship Module. Mdm Leilanie Mohd Noor, trainer for that day's topic, Market analysis of Groups New Venture, was one of the trainers who gave us the talk about "Grooming" during our first module. In brief, she covered the relationship between feasibility study and business plan, major sections in feasibility study, market feasibility analysis, and all related components. The case study will be reviewed the day after. As for the evening sessions, each group were polishing their current business ideas, while my group, McBio, still fighting to defend our EduGarden. In general, our idea is like a tuition, incubator, or education centre outside the school time, to assist children's development to their path of interest. Of course the module would be our main concept where creativity and innovation as the core. Science and and current Biotechnology issues would be along the way of the progress. We believe that we could offer biotechnology industries a huge step in the future. 

We are not sure about the other group but our group members seriously want to put our ideas into act. That is why each one of us doesn't stop and giving up because we believe that Education in younger generation would exposed them regarding biotechnology. Not just biotechnology but innovative in creations, science, and current technology applications. BiotechCorp wants to produce 70 entrepreneurship biotechnologist, and we gave them perhaps hundreds more in due time. That is what we are fighting to protect our idea for the time being.