13 February, 2012

All that glitters

All that glitters is not gold. Being lazy is far from being idiot. People always mark a boy whom appear a bit nerd or just plain simple as Nobita of sort..useless unless Doraemon by his side. Seldom people try to take moments to think that people like Nobita in real world is what we're aiming to be. Which one are you? A genius but lazy Nobita or a useful but stupid at almost all the time Doraemon? Lets put ourselves in Nobita' s shoes..to be lazy, we would always come up with such creative ideas utilizing whatever technologies we had and often made people around us wonder. But in real, we're just too lazy. We put our mind to it to make our life easier. Take smartphone for example, if Doraemon would pull out android device from his pocket and gave it to Nobita, we would amazed with what ever Nobita had thought beforehand. Of course the love of his life Sizuka would take part in his thought. I would do the same. I am lazy..lazy enough to put my android to everything I own if I could. I would replace all my meter display on my blue Honda Wave 110 with capacitive touchscreen of corning gorilla glass active-matrix organic light emitting diode. Not to forget wet detection similar in Motorola Defy+ just for extra touch and convenient riding during rainy days. I hate keys..and because of that, I ll make use if my android base motorcycle and tweak some software in my motorcycle to sense my Phone if nearby and automatically starts the engine. Built in USB port at my motorcycle is a must for sync ability between my android phone and my android motorbike. Also to keep my phone connected and charged. My phone is acting like my universal identification card..my key to access my surrounding..for one purpose..to ease my day. I would refine my motorcycle further with apps such as navigation, google goggles and many more. I would need at least two cameras pre installed at front (rear) and two behind to monitor my back to meet that purpose. Bluetooth is such a powerful tool. Built in HD stereo speaker in helmet with bluetooth connectivity thru and thru for voice navigation. Iris, a Siri like apps would be nice to assist you in every angle whether to give advice or to accompany you during your journey or even update news and roads, weather conditions, alert you with your environment and so on.

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