16 December, 2011

End of the year 2011

It's been quite a long time since my last post. Lately, been way too busy with laboratory works from Monday to Saturday, day and night and even during weekends. I find myself hard to spent few minutes of the time surfing the internet nowadays. I've tried though.

I always consider myself as researcher and Magic Players. Both are my passions and both are part of my life. Science, Technology and Art. All are now merge and near future without all of these, I barely imagine that. We are talking about a time where everyone bringing smartphone at least one together with them and still gazing at them during peeing or googling about anything. I am one of them. Not that handling smartphone during peeing part but one of a people who can't have the World Wide Web far from my pocket. Put aside facebook, emailing is a must for people like me and I already getting used to it since the third years of hotmail existence itself. And because of that, I always wonder that these day might come...and it came during my time...Portable touch screen mobile phone with brains. Dual core at least. Huh! Been waiting for that ages ago.

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