21 January, 2012

Magic Events Part 1

Magic the Gathering Pre-release for M10 set during 2010 if i'm not mistaken is one of the enjoyable match i once had. It was the last session I went where all the players already registered about almost an hour after I reach there. So i just decided to watch or perhaps take a glance at others collections of trading card during the match. I came with my friends though. I never had thought that I would have played that evening but a friend of mine insist to join. Let him be. Then again, Mike, the PIC of the tournament, after painfully defeated by an attact of sympathetic facial from my friend, Muhsin, Mike said that he could help giving another extra place for extra player if he manage to get another person to join to complete the pairing. That was when both of them gave a shining glare at me. "Oh well okay, i'm in." Mike asked me for my DCI card, a membership card which i had already lost ages ago and not just that, I even forgot my own DCI number. Muhsin proudly said his number without looking to his own DCI card to Mike who was looking at the monitor keyed-in the given number. His eyes glance at me as if he would said his memory was not as weak as mine. I barely replied with a smile. End of part 1.

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