17 January, 2012

Technology, being materialistic and being stupid

Probably such slogan as "the world slimmest phone" is what we already familiar with and each and every years huge company and phone maker competing to make their product as thin as they could. This is where they compete. Apple Inc. also at their edge pushing their product to the limits till it's millimeters thinner than their current competitors Korean Samsung. HTC from Taiwan is just a few step behind and only in time that they would suddenly at par or even lead other. We ll never be so surprise if that actually happen this year itself. That's their part of story. But we as the loyal consumer would also doing our best competing with other consumer..buying what is hot and which release to be considered as the latest of all with high end technology built in. Yes. We would also race to be at the front line by getting our hands on the thinnest smartphone in the whole world. At the same time, we spent even more on accessories such as smartphone casing. What for? Well its for protection of course. What else? With that thick casing, our 2700 ringgit worth of Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be protected from scratch. So adding up a few hundreds more to buy a silicone casing might be a good investment without even realized that we already make our effort seems meaningless. "trying to have the so called thinnest smartphone in the entire planet" if you could get the picture here. It sounds rather odds and yet a too materialistic person would eventually put oneself so close to stupidity. One group would choose to invent such technology so that we can reach a very high level of comfort for another group of consumer whom would then bring themselves out of that comfort zone by doing the reverse, casing up their smartphone..to make their beloved thinnest galaxy tab 7 plus thick and to make that light as feather technology as heavy as hell with aluminium or leather jacket worth 299 ringgit. What a genius. Not to mention the screen proctor attach nicely onto Corning Gorilla Glass, an anti-scratch glass which will make us wonder which layer protecting which..urghh. Another useless 25 ringgit of spending. What in a world happens to to our common sense? The weak protecting the strong?

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