26 January, 2011

Key Feasibility Dimensions

26 January 2011, It was the first day of the Entrepreneurship Module. Mdm Leilanie Mohd Noor, trainer for that day's topic, Market analysis of Groups New Venture, was one of the trainers who gave us the talk about "Grooming" during our first module. In brief, she covered the relationship between feasibility study and business plan, major sections in feasibility study, market feasibility analysis, and all related components. The case study will be reviewed the day after. As for the evening sessions, each group were polishing their current business ideas, while my group, McBio, still fighting to defend our EduGarden. In general, our idea is like a tuition, incubator, or education centre outside the school time, to assist children's development to their path of interest. Of course the module would be our main concept where creativity and innovation as the core. Science and and current Biotechnology issues would be along the way of the progress. We believe that we could offer biotechnology industries a huge step in the future. 

We are not sure about the other group but our group members seriously want to put our ideas into act. That is why each one of us doesn't stop and giving up because we believe that Education in younger generation would exposed them regarding biotechnology. Not just biotechnology but innovative in creations, science, and current technology applications. BiotechCorp wants to produce 70 entrepreneurship biotechnologist, and we gave them perhaps hundreds more in due time. That is what we are fighting to protect our idea for the time being.

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  1. keep fighting!!! *wat gaya pom2 gurl dr blakang*..hehhe